Take the uphill ride next to countless olive groves to the village of ARGIROUPOLIS
at an altitude of 260m.This place is also known as the ancient city of Lappa, an
archeological site dating from pre-Minoan times, most of the remains still intact are
from the Roman and Venetian period.Here you can stroll on foot to the old
churches, the mosaic floor of a Roman residence and the remaining of a noble
Venetian house. After visiting the village we descend 2 kms towards the springs of
Argiroupolis, providing a lovely landscape with waterfalls.Here you can refill your
bottles with fresh water from the springs or eat fresh trout at the taverna’s.


The Lake of Kournas at an altitude of 23m is the most beautiful and
only freshwater lake in Crete. It is one of the most important ecotopes of Crete and
part of the NATURA 2000 network. Hundreds of plant species, birds, turtles and
other animals can be observed, among which some are endemic of Crete and
protected by the European and Greek legislation. The road to the lake is winding
and goes futher up to the traditional village of Kournas on an altitude of 200m.


Georgioupolis is a seaside fisher village, with a big square surrounded by
eucalyptus trees. At the end of the harbour is a small, decorative lighthouse in the
Greek colours of white and blue. The most popular sight in the harbour, however, is
the white chapel of Agios Nikolaos in the sea, set on a manmade rock jetty. It’s
worth walking along to take wonderful pictures. Whether the sea is calm or rough
with foaming waves, the scenery is amazing. The River Almyros meets the sea at
Georgioupolis. Just before the town, it forms a little lake that is home to many birds
and animals. Just sit and relax for a while at its border when you ride the Old
National Road on your way to Vrisses.


The small town of Vrisses on altitude of 62 m is a great place to cool down in the
shade of the giant plane trees beside the river. It is famous for its goat cheese and
yoghurt. A few kilometers before Vrisses starts a new road that leads down to
Chora Sfakion. At the conjunction you will find the wine and raki museum.


The traditional village of Vamos on an 184m altitude is surrounded by a wild
scenery of mountains and lush greenery. From Vamos take the road down trough
traditional villages and wild nature, olive, orange and lemon groves to the idyllic
bay of Almyrida, and return from the small beach town of Kalyves trough Vrisses,
or take the mountain roads enjoying a view of the White Mountains on the right,
and the Georgioupoli bay on the left.


Vamos – Kefalas – Kokkino Xorio – Gavalochori – Douliana – Vamos: 28 km
Vamos – Georgoupolis – Lake Kournas – waterfalls of Argiroupoli: 25 km
Vamos – Georgoupolis: 10 km